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Why do you have different pricing for your writing services based on your experience? 

Through our experience we have found that it will take our writers longer to compile an accomplishment based CV for someone who has worked for longer, and as such our prices must reflect this. We feel our pricing is very reasonable compared with ma

Do you have a student price?

Yes. We like to think that when you are leaving college, University or a Private Training Establishment, that you are able to sell your newly acquired skills in the industry of your choice, without it costing you your first months salary! Check out our pricing options under Entry Level.

How long can I expect for before my CV is completed? 

This is highly dependent on your involvement. Once our writer has been provided with all of the information they require to get started we will send you an initial draft within 3 business days.

At this point we may have further questions to be able to finalise your CV, and once this information is supplied we will respond with a final version in the following business day.

If you require an urgent service this is additional cost. Please contact us by email or phone to discuss.

What can I expect when I purchase your services online? 

The process for engaging our service is very simple.

Once we have received your order we will make contact with you within 24 hours by email.

We will request a copy of your existing CV and arrange an appointment with our Writer. If you are not able to meet with us, we will send you a questionnaire via email to complete and return for us to start drafting your new CV.

Once we have gathered the information we need, we will make contact with you within the next 3 working days with our initial draft. This will likely include more questions for us to get a clearer picture of your skills and abilities.

Once this has been returned to us, within 1 working day we will send you a final draft for your sign off.

You can also rest easy that we will work with you until you are satisfied with the final version.

What guarantees do you offer? 

When it comes to applying for a job, the only control you have is what you put in front of the Employer. That is the only chance you get and you have to make the most of it. KGG prides itself on producing CV that are cutting edge and professional, and branded to your requirements.

The final document we produce for you will encapsulate your skills, experience, and attributes, and display them in a way that is easily graspable and eye-catching. We use industry specific jargon and buzzwords that recruiters look for. In this day and age when competition is as fierce as ever and employers rely on software to scan and sift through hundreds of applications, possessing a bespoke CV that is targeted is more important than ever.

And this is where our guarantee comes in. We guarantee that the CV we create for you will be uncompromising in quality and tailored to your needs. We guarantee that the document we produce will embody who you are, what you represent, and what you are capable of. In that sense, we guarantee your satisfaction.

We will work with you from the initial consultation and information gathering through to the final document.

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